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Stella Blu is a product division of Prosperity Textile. We specialise in the creation of indigo yarn dyed fabrics that feature beautiful visual aesthetics, mainly for shirts, outerwear and athleisure wear. All fabrics are designed at our R&D Centre in Padova - Italy, by our Creative Director, Maurizio Marano.

A blend of Italian INdigo Heritage

We bring creativity and beautiful aesthetics into our fabrics and garments with Stella Blu’s Italian heritage. Challenging the status quo, we are offering something different from the traditional 5-pocket fabrics, and bringing indigo concepts into new product categories and new end uses.

Hybrid Fibres
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Explore how Stella Blu’s Hybrid Fibers series can support your next collection, providing innovative functional and comfortable fabrics.
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With the influence of our Italian heritage, we have been able to merge different sources of inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us in Italy and all around the world into our products.

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Sustainability is not an option - It's the only way

Stella Blu is committed to using only top-in-class sustainable fibers for all fabric developments. Sustainability is not a trend - It is an overriding focus for Stella Blu.

Brand's Go-to partner for innovative, novel and exciting indigo fabrications

We exist to create, inspire, educate, and transform the traditional denim industry by creating the most beautiful, creative and innovative Indigo fabrics on the market.
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New Collection of 3D Denim Fabrics

Stella Blu has partnered with INDIKON and Bandicoot Imaging Sciences to offer the highest quality of 3D-ready, PBR materials to our customers upon request.

Our 3D files are pre-configured to work with industry leading 3D garment design software, such as Browzwear, CLO3D, Optitex, Style3D and others.

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